One of the most difficult things of being a woman is trying to find flattering clothes all the time. As every type of body is different, girls often come across trends or pieces they don’t know how to wear or if they can really work with them.

Among all the body types we can find in women, one of the most popular is the pear-shaped. This kind of figure is present in women with hips wider than their shoulders, which gives a perfect name for the category. Being the hips the most prominent part here, the key task is giving the body a little balance. In that line, things like accentuating the waist, and highlighting the top parts (shoulders, back), are perfect. Which dresses can make you use to rock your beautiful body? Let’s see some options!

Diane von Furstenberg Women’s New Julian Two Wrap Dress

Diane Von Furstenberg deserves a big prize and maybe a statue somewhere for creating one of the most useful pieces of clothing in the history of women’s closets.

With the ‘wrap dress’ she changed our lives because is a dress that is not only flattering but fits incredibly in every different figure and shape. The plus for pear-shaped girls is that it really accentuates the waist, and creates an awesome balance.

This version, the original one, is made out of viscose and spandex, which gave it the structure a dress needs, but also a great flow quality.

The price might not be the most affordable one, but this one is a real investment that you’re going to wear for a very long time.

Multiple Colors Available

Meaneor Women’s Striped Linen Shirt Dress with Waist String

An excellent option for those girls out there who don’t exactly enjoy a tight dress but still want to have the waist as the focus point in an outfit.

This cotton dress is a good choice both for office or more casual days and its color makes it easy to pair with any kind of accessories.

The A-line skirt will give you a sense of volume, but not too much for your hips, and its price makes it an offer hard to refuse.

Multiple Colors Available

Womdee(TM) Women Classy Deep V-neck Half Sleeve A-line Party Cocktail Dress

Another great tip for women with a ‘pear body’ (did you know it’s also called triangle?) is the silhouette known as empire.

This waistline that is not actually in the waist but a little bit above it highlights the upper part of the body, taking the attention a little bit away from the bottom.

This green beauty has a deep v-neck, which gives you the skin you need to show, but it keeps it classy with the sleeves and the length.

The color is timeless and let’s face it, you can see yourself wearing this dress any time of the year and at least with three different pairs of shoes.

Fllbridal Women’s Strapless A-Line Party Short Prom Dress With Lace UP Back

This dress basically summarizes everything we’ve being saying on this post: it has volume on the upper body, an empire waist, and A-line skirt.

And did you notice it comes in 26 different colors? Suitable for proms, parties, homecomings and other formal occasions (did someone say bridesmaid?), it looks really elegant thanks to the chiffon is made of, and it will highlight all the correct parts of your body.

The best part of all is the personalized part: the seller makes it very clear that you can add some things to your dress: zipper, straps, order your size and, of course, the color.

Many colors available!

YSJ Women’s Leopard Paisley A-Line Loose Cotton Spaghetti Strap Tank Dress

And of course, we have the women that hate the idea of anything form-fitting but they also want to look good, really good. And there are options for them, called loose dresses.

The charm of these pieces is pretty evident, but no one should underestimate their value: This dress can give an actual proportion to the body, but with only one condition: that is your real size.

Otherwise, it will only look big on you. This leopard dress has the best print in the world and spaghetti straps for extra comfort.

Its fabric, 95%-100% cotton makes it light and perfect for very relaxed moments in life, where freedom is the most important thing. After looking good, of course.