It’s no secret that even in the twenty-first century, plus size women still struggle when shopping for clothes, even winter coats.

Many manufacturers don’t make the plus size clothing styles in such a way that it flatters the shape of a plus size woman which often leads to frustration. Curvy women end up struggling and frustrated when shopping especially if a piece of clothing they like doesn’t come in their size.

Just because plus-sized women aren’t the same size as the runway models, doesn’t mean that they should sacrifice their warmth and style. So we have rounded up some of the best winter coats for plus size women that come in larger sizes and will leave you feeling warm, comfortable and classy during the cold season.

1. The Columbia Women’s Mighty Lite Hooded Jacket


No woman – regardless of size – wants the extra weight that is as a result of having a puffy down jacket on their frame. The Columbia Lite jacket comes with a hood and keeps you warm just like a puffer jacket would only with a slimmer design. The hood keeps your head warm, and it has zippered vertical pockets that you can keep your gloves or mittens when not in use.

The coats hem comes with a drawstring so that you can close it up against heavy winds. The interior media pocket has a zipper that lets you have a place to put your iPod or phone, especially when going for a walk and you want to listen to your favorite music or podcast. From the interior pockets, you can be sure that your earphones or headphones will comfortably reach your ears. The coat is available for sale in four different colors and is available in a wide range of sized. The price of the coat is dependent on the color and coat size selected.

2. Jessica London Women’s Plus Size Wool Toggle Coat


When it comes to materials, we all know that wool is one of the best materials for winter coats because it has the ability to keep you warm throughout the day and even night. The Jessica London Women’s Plus Size Wool Toggle Coat comes in five different colors from heather black to orange-brown and is available from sizes 12 all the way to 32.

The coat measures about 36 inches in length which means it goes all the way to your knees. This ensures that your thighs also get some extra warmth. The collar design is a classic one coupled with a button-off hood. The coat can also be machine washed. Similar to the Columbia Women’s, the price depends on the size and color chosen.

3. Everbloom Women Slim Double Breasted Trench Coat


If you’re looking for a coat that will not only keep you warm but will also flatter your body shape, then the Everbloom Women Slim double-breasted trench coat will be perfect for you. The coat is available in three different colors: black, cream and navy. Its full bell-shaped build helps to create an hourglass figure.

The gold-tone buttons make this coat a luxurious one as it has deep, voluminous folds at the front making it high end. However, this coat is a bit limited in terms of size as the largest size it comes in is an XXL.

4. Larry Levine Women’s Plus-Size Hooded 3/4 Length Down Coat


As a hooded parka that is 36 inches long and hits the mid-thigh, this Larry Levine women’s coat is a good buy as it is water-resistant and has pockets that can be zipped to prevent snow and water from getting in. The coat is available in two colors that aren’t for everyone making it one of its drawbacks. However, the coast doesn’t compromise on warmth and is available in multiple sizes.

If you love colors, this may not be the best winter coat for you to buy. It is however filled with feathers and real down and will keep you warm throughout. It can be machine washed which saves you time and the hassle of having to dry clean.

5. Urban Republic Junior Classic Winter Jacket With Detachable Hood


Available in sizes of up to 3X, this coat from the Urban Republic is an excellent one as it’s made from wool to give you that extra warmth with little or no layering. The jacket is, however, a juniors style and maybe a bit smaller a woman’s coat. It comes in four different plain colors as well as three different plaid options. The hood has a faux fur and a detachable hood button for a little more warmth.

It has a waist belt that helps give your body a pleasing silhouette.

Final Thoughts

While choosing plus size winter coast can be an arduous task, all hope is not lost as there are still coats that you can get that can fit perfectly and give you a flattering look. Because a winter coat is meant to keep you warm, that should be your first consideration. Your second consideration needs to be size. It’s crucial that you choose something that will fit your arms and body perfectly.
Buying a coat is similar to buying any other piece of clothing. Unless you are pregnant, you would want it to fit well. Color should also be something that you consider.