The winter season can be rough for anyone, especially someone on the cold streets of Boston during those harsh New England winters. The temperatures usually go below 20 degrees leaving one prone to conditions like pneumonia especially if they aren’t dressed for the weather. As such, it’s important to ensure that you invest in the best winter coats for the Boston weather if you’re going to get through this one unscathed.

While choosing a winter coat is essential, the market is filled with a variety of options, and it can be hard to choose.  There are myriad of coats from different brands, so it’s important to do your research and buy something that is both stylish and will keep you warm during the winter months.

Most of the coats on our review are both warm and functional pieces, we hope you enjoy them!

1. The Marmont Montreal Down Coat


Weighing only 2 lbs. The Marmont Montreal coat is perfect for the winter season. It has a premium look and feel and has a liner that is super soft. When looking for coats for the cold weather, it’s vital that you have a checklist of what you would like the coat to have so as to buy the right piece. This coat has a good length coupled with a super cozy hood that has a removable faux liner.

The outside of the Marmont Montreal court has a DWR treatment that helps with light precipitation and has a 700 fill down that is great for cold weather. The coat fits perfectly, but some people have raised issues with the arms saying that they tend to be short. Because winter isn’t a time to compromise on fit, it’s crucial that you choose a size that fits perfectly and still allows for layering.

2. The North Face Women’s Arctic Parka II

The one thing that stands out regarding the North Face Women’s Arctic Parka II is the fact that it is waterproof which makes it a good wear especially when it’s snowing as it keeps you dry. It’s a great outerwear for any tough weather and still holds for an everyday wear. It is quite cozy and is able to give you the much-needed warmth. While some may say the 550 fill down is low, it’s a good fill for a waterproof winter coat.

However, there are a couple of compromises that the jacket has. The hood design and the zippers are less than premium. As one of the brands that has produced some of the bestselling women’s parkas in the past, this coat has such a great appeal that makes it attractive to us for the winter season.

3. Arc’teryx Sylva Parka


This Sylva coat is completely filled with Coreloft synthetic insulation to keep you warm throughout. The jacket is able to retain its ability to keep you insulated when wet and can breathe better than down fill when the temperatures are a bit mild. The jacket has a design that is unique that most winter coats and sells for a price that is quite affordable. The fit and style in the design make it a good parka option.

While the jacket can keep you warm through the winter season, you would need to layer up as it’s ideal for moderate climates. This allows the jacket’s synthetic insulation to truly shine. Besides, the coat is also not completely waterproof although the Gore fabric is able to shed light rain and cuts the wind pretty well without compromising on the breathability. For its weight, it’s not as warm as one would need it to be and not as cozy as some of the coats in our review.

4. The Mountain Hardwear Downtown

The Mountain Hardwear Downtown has some similarities with the Marmont Montreal coat reviewed above. They have a similar design: offer good coverage, down baffles that make them warm but not too puffy and great style that makes them wearable in different circumstances. They also weigh about 2 pounds. The Mountain Hardwear Downtown when compared to the Montreal jacket, has a better sleeve length that can accommodate most people but lacks a DWR compared to the Montreal.

The Marmont still stands out as it has a softer interior and uses a 700 fill compared to the 650 fill in the Mountain Hardwear Downtown. In addition, because the Montreal jacket weighs more than the Marmont, it guaranteed more warmth than what the Mountain offers. The Downtown, however, has a longer back length. The zipper quality of the Mountain also raises some questions considering that is costs $15 more. While it has some drawbacks, it’s still a quality jacket for the winter even though you may need to pair it up a lot more.

5. The Canada Goose Langford Parka

The Canada Goose Langford Parka jacket is one of the best winter jackets that you can find available in the market. They are well built, are very warm and very fashionable for people who want a sleek look. Its duck down fill is 625 coupled with a thick Arctic-Tech shell that makes it durable. The Arctic-Tech shell makes the coat wearable to a freezing point of -15°F. This jacket is considered as second warmest jacket after the Expedition Parka that can be worn to a freezing of -25°F.

While it’s a good quality jacket and can keep you very warm in winter, it is quite expensive with more fill which makes it very warm. If you’re looking for a coat that will provide you with extra insulations and keep you warm, then this is the jacket for you.

Final Thoughts

When choosing a jacket or coat for winter, there are several factors that you need to consider for you to end up with the right coat for the season. Ask yourself, do you need a performance coat or a casual one? What type of insulation does it have? What is its fill weight and fill power? Do you need one with a hood or not? Can it allow you to layer up for maximum warmth? Is it waterproof or water resistant?
Answering the above questions will set you up for success by ensuring you buy the right jacket that you need for the given season.