Firstly trench coats were made for military generals, but they didn’t make them popular. The popularity of this classy coat rose when Humphrey Bogart appeared in it in a movie “Casablanca”.

Nowadays the trench coat is the garment that distinguishes an adult man from a boy. You certainly need a fair dose of style which is collected throughout the years so you can look polished in a trench coat. Here we have 10 great trench coats which can make you look iconic like Bogart and feel like a successful business man.

APTRO Men’s Wool French Front Long Business Plus size Coat

This trench coat is made of 100% wool, and it has a lining made out of polyester which makes it perfect for windy days.It has very stylish mandarin collar, and you don’t even need a scarf because of that.

It has a button closer, and you can purchase it in five different colors. Reviewers of this coat recommend buying a bigger size than usual because it is made in China.

Still, if you miss the right size, you can return it for free. I saved the best news for the end. It is on sale, and if you buy it now, you can save almost 264 $ on this show stopping coat.

Men’s Stylish Fashion Classic Wool Double Breasted Pea Coat with Removable Hood

Trench with an oversized hood? Why not?! After all, you wear trench coat when the weather is changing, and a shower of rain will never surprise you again whit this model.

This coat is made of wool, and it fits great because it emphasizes shoulders. When buying, it is important to follow instructions about the size and you are good to go.

You can choose between red, navy, camel and black color, and all of those are great colors for keeping the everyday style on point.

Lende Men’s Trench Coat Winter Long Jacket Double Breasted Overcoat

Long and double breasted overcoat by Lende is a crowd pleaser. You can wear tree piece suit under it and look like a business man, or pair it up with cool tart scarf and jeans for more casual look.

The collar is classical, and it doesn’t deform. There is a waistband in the back of this coat and belted cuffs which are giving this coat much better shape.

As usual, it is very important to go trough sizes when ordering yours, and this company made it very easy with their chart.

FLATSEVEN Mens Winter Double Breasted Pea Coat Long Jacket

Stitching and materials in this double-breasted pea coat are just perfect, and people who ordered this fashionable trench coat are very pleased to report that it smells nice when it arrives.

It is not a secret, they put their special cologne on the material and everybody just loved that. It is hard not to mention, but Flatseven customer service is one of the best out there because they always find a way to help you find the right fit.

Built in belt and buttons make it look very elegant, and you can wear it in occasions when you want to impress you business partners or love of your life.

It is important to say, that this one, like many other trench coats, is not suitable for cold weather, but rather for autumn and spring time.

MOGU Men’s Double-Breasted Belted Twill Trench Coat

Modern and well fitted, it certainly looks more expensive than it really is. Many people who purchased this trench coat are just putting their best words about it.

Some say that it looks like it is tailored just for them, and others just love the quality of the material. Those who have bought this trench coat in blue, say that it is a bit darker than it seems in their monitors, but then again it is not a navy color.

You can also choose khaki and black version of this coat, depending on your shoes. Khaki would go well if you have brown shoes, and blue and black are a good combination with black shoes.

London Fog Men’s Iconic Trench Coat

The price, the fit, the style! Everything is awesome! London fog company just killed it with this coat. It has a zip-out lining which gives it versatility, so you can use it in warmer conditions.

For cold weather, there is a way to put the collar up and button it, so it can protect you when it’s windy. Pockets are big enough to keep big telephone and your hands in it.

One reviewer noticed how this coat slides off and on easily, which is a great thing for people who are always in some kind of rush.

BGSD Men’s “Xander” Classic Leather Long Trench Coat

My favorite material, leather, made its big comeback a few years ago. Luckily men can also enjoy the benefits of leather trench coats as much as women.

Because of the material, it is a bit more expensive than other trench coats, but when you buy leather, you know how long it can last.

This trench coat style is ageless and very practical. Some men that have purchased this one, say that you will a scarf around the neck for this coat because it is hard to button up near the neck. There are also epaulets on shoulders, to give a more masculine look.

In my honest opinion, this one is the sexiest in this post, and I would definitely turn my head for a guy who wears a leather trench coat.

Alpine Swiss Zach Mens Wool Trench Coat Knee Length Overcoat

Inside of the coat is quilted lining and tree pockets, and outside sophisticated knee length coat with two pockets and five buttons.

It might not have the belt, but is one of the dressiest overcoats on the market.

It will be a good choice for elegant events in the open, and many men who are not fashion addicts should consider this one because it looks so normal, and it doesn’t stand out of a classy crowd.