The roaring 20’s will forever remind us of The Great Gatsby, but we have entered into the new century and are in our own “roaring 2020’s” (as long as we can escape this brutal year).

It was a time for opulence, glitter, beading, dancing and singing. And it was so cool that we keep recreating it and adding our style to it because fashion keeps coming back to all the resources this decade gave us for clothing.

Of course, when you think about the 1920’s your mind goes straight to the flapper dress. The fringe and the sparkling details catch our eye from the very beginning, and again, fashion has been trying to emulate that same effect every now and then for decades. However, one of the most important things we have to consider when it comes to the 20’s is the silhouette. Nothing fitted, just boxy dresses that were more relaxed and fun. Why? Because in that time the ideal body didn’t have a small waist like we all dream about now, and dresses wanted to highlight another feature. Also, there’s life beyond the fringe, and 1920’s have a lot more to offer.

If you’re thinking about a vintage dress, this is a great decade to look into. You would look fabulous at parties and events without much effort.

Unique Vintage Women’s Del Rio Beaded Flapper Gatsby Dress

This is what we mean when we say there’s life beyond the fringe. The 1920’s had a preference for ‘midi’ length (actually, every decade before the 60’s did) and that calls for more loose fittings. One brand that’s particularly good at dressing you like you live in some other time it’s Unique Vintage, and you’ll confirm that through this post. This model is 100% nylon, and the biggest feature is its intricate hand beaded that will definitely stand out in any situation. One good thing about wearing vintage and retro clothing these days is that the pieces come with a modern edge. This dress, for example, has a little bit of a stretch quality, which makes it fitted. Two important things to have in mind: you can only wash this by hand if you want to last more than one party, and the slip you see in the photo is sold separately.

Women’s Victoria True Romance Vintage Style Party Dress in Smoke

True Romance Vintage Style Party Dress

The 20’s come with tulle, as well, as we can see on this party dress made by Nataya, another brand specialized in vintage-inspired clothing. As much as we mentioned that the ‘midi’ length was the favorite on this decade, a big evening called for long dresses, and this is a great choice even for our days. Imagine it for a ball or a wedding, with modern accessories… you’ll nail it! This dress biggest attractive are the ½ sleeves, these play with the concept of see-through and look absolutely great. The square necklines make it perfect for pairing both with earrings or a cute pendant, which will add sparkle to your outfit.

1920s “The Bosley” Silver Beaded Flapper with Beaded Fringe Dress

Unique Vintage 1920s Style Silver Beaded Fringe Bosley Flapper Dress

Here we go, we got to the fringes. This Unique Vintage dress is everything you think about when you think of the 20’s. First of all, it screams ‘Great Gatsby’ and second, it has all these amazing details that you are going to love. The drop waist is the biggest feature because it pretty much sticks to the original concept of the flapper dress. After you realize that, you can concentrate on the layers of intricate beading and fringe work that has been done here. The sleeveless silhouette makes it a fresh piece that you can pair with a jacket for your next cocktail party. With such an intricately made dress you won’t have to worry about wearing any other showstopper accessory.

Unique Vintage Plus Size 1920s Black Beaded Sleeveless Hawkins Flapper Dress

Unique Vintage Plus Size 1920s Black Beaded Sleeveless Hawkins Flapper Dress

Why do we need to include another fringed dress in our selection? Easy, this one has two features that make it stand of the pile. First, it’s basically the only fringe and beaded dress on the list that doesn’t require a separate slip to wear it down to perfection and second, and most important, it’s made exclusively for plus sizes. This baby goes all the way from 2X plus to 4X plus, and it features all the beauty of beading dress, combined with a perfect lining that includes some stretch (isn’t that incredible?), which will help to keep everything in place. And if you’re in the group that gets worried over little details, breathe in peace: this one has a clean-side zipper that will go unnoticeable.

Unique Vintage 1920s Beaded Black La Plante Chiffon Flapper Dress

Unique Vintage 1920s Beaded Black La Plante Chiffon Flapper Dress

The thing with beading is that it might be too much for some people. Not for me, but for some girls out there. And when you want to have a little sparkle with your 1920 inspired dress you can find it on this solution. Unique Vintage knows that is not always about the beading, but also about the quality of the fabric and a very nice silhouette. This dress, for example, features a drop waist fitting that goes perfectly with its ‘midi’ length. On the top part you can find beaded details that will highlight the straps and the center detail, pair with a see-through fabric. This material is very light, but you have to keep in mind that it doesn’t stretch at all.

1920’s Style Gatsby Tunic Top Evening Embellish Shift Dress Vintage Dress

1920s Style Gatsby Tunic Top Evening Embellish Shift Dress Vintage Dress

From a very light and discrete dress to a piece that will tell everyone you’re coming from a mile distance. This dress is made out polyester and chiffon, a combination that makes it light but strong enough to support the hand embroidery that it comes with. This option is great for a night party, in which you want to catch everyone’s attention. Trust me, you will get it. You have to take into consideration the fact that this dress can be a little heavier than anything in your closet, due to the embroidery weight. Also, consider that it goes from 02 to 26 in sizing, but the length is the same for all the options (90.53 cms or 35 inches).

1920’s Style Gatsby Tunic Top Evening Embellish Shift Dress Vintage Dress

Sometimes we think about getting a dress that will look expensive but at the same time not having to spend all our money on it, especially if it’s not a dress we’re going to wear on a regular basis. And as much as we love beading, we have to admit that we can’t always afford it. That’s why we have options like this Sakhee dress, with a very beautiful beading that is not excessive but it doesn’t leave you thinking about wanting more. This evening chiffon dress has a great embroidery design and a tunic silhouette, but you will notice that is a little shorter than all the other options, which makes it flirty and fun.