Trench coats are arguably one of the most sought-after garments for female consumers in today’s world. They’re warm, stylish, and come in many different variations you can choose from. Trench coats also fit the body very well and can give out a direct representation of a woman’s physique while keeping her warm in the process. No wonder why they are so popular, especially in the rainy Spring months.

Without further ado, here is a our 2020 list of the Best Trench Coats for Women!

#1 Pardon My Trench” Rain Jacket from Columbia

This Columbia Women’s Pardon Trench jacket would be a great addition to your collection if trench coats are up your alley for the cold season. This particular jacket designed by Columbia, is made mainly of 100% nylon and lined with polyester. It’s designed to provide a high-level of comfort for you while making sure you’re warm and toasty during your day to day tasks.

It’s well-made and completely safe for a nice machine wash whenever it’s time to do so. This Columbia jacket tends to look great with fitted jeans or tights. It’s sure to give off a nice impression and look for women out there with slender body-builds. The hip pockets are essential for small item storage while it’s removable belt adds additional assistance in keeping the warmth inside.

Rainy day? fear not, as the adjustable storm hood will be sure to keep you nice and sheltered as you go about your day. Is this the coat for you?

#2 Acevog Women’s Double-Breasted Trench Coat

The Acevog Women’s double-breasted trench coat is surely one of the more professional-looking coats in our gallery. We believe it is one of the few types of coats that a woman can go straight out of cold weather and into a working environment and blend right in. This trench coat is simply something else. Like many others, it’s a slim-fit, but it has all the assertiveness you’ll ever need. It gives off a driven/motivated individual type of feel.

At first glance of it being worn, it earns it’s own respect with the slick, dark coloring and mixture of wool, polyester, and rayon. If you’re into scarfs, you’re in luck. Feel free to mix and match whatever color you’d like with this trench coat. You can go from casual, to artsy, to professional in one simple exchange.

What’s best of all is just about any color or design scarf with go right with it. The Acevog trench coat also has a decently-wide selection of coloring you can choose from. These include gray, black, navy-blue, army-green, and dark-gray. Even with the variations, we strongly feel that many scarfs with blend right with them. This is a great trench coat to flex your creative abilities on.

#3 Zerlar Open Front Trench Coat

This trench coast is one of the more uniquely styled and textured ones on the market. While the button and pocket placements differentiate, the design and texture are remarkable. The Zerlar Outwear Waterfall cardigan sweater can stir up a slew of different opinions.

The professionalism and assertiveness surely tones down, but comfort excels. The coat fits loose while also feeling very soft at the same time. The sleeves will grant your arms breathing room and warmth and provides a bit of natural style with it’s cuffs.

There’s also a fair amount of pocket space in this sweater, great for accessory storage. It may appear to look like a bathrobe from the beginning with the loose appearance, but it goes great with white or dark-colored slim fit bottoms. The Zerlar cardigan comes in grey and khaki coloring made by 90% acrylic.

If you value comfort and warmth a bit more than style, this shoe definitely fits. A nice cold-dry wash with fabric softener will have this garment hot and ready to-go whenever it needs to be cleaned.

#4 Double Breasted Trench Coat from Plus4U

The plus4u womens double-breasted trench coat is among one of our favorites. Why do you ask? well, for many reasons. Let’s start out with the wide range of color options that are available with it. Choose between burgundy, black, brown, grey, charcoal, red, teal, and navy coloring for whatever mood you’re in for the day.

This coat has nice, fitted sleeves, a crispy collar design, and a warm hood for the not-so-warm precipitation. It’s fashionable, recreational, and professional all in one.

The plus4u trench coat is made up of 65% cotton and 35% polyester. This means you may want to air or hang dry it if you wish for it to remain its modern size. There’s also a bit of added spandex to fit bodies that are a tad bigger than its specified frame. With 8 frontal button and front pockets that fit snug, this thing will definitely keep you warm and secure in chillier weather.

With a large variety of colors, you could have one for different kinds of environments. We highly recommend that this product is machine washed with cold water and no bleach. All too often, coats become ruined because this isn’t addressed.