On October 3 members of the ICSC Environmental Subcommittee met with EPA Superfund Task Force Chair Albert "Kel" Kelly.  ICSC members met with the Chair to discuss expedited redevelopment opportunities through National Priorities List (NPL) site delisting.  

The NPL is the list of hazardous waste sites in the United States eligible for long-term remedial action (cleanup) financed under the federal Superfund program.

Other topics at the meeting included containing EPA oversight costs at NPL sites, support for streamlining third-party settlements, and better maintenance of often out-of-date site information.  ICSC's feedback was warmly welcomed by the Chair, and additional meetings and written feedback are to follow.

Larry Kilduff, Dana Stotsky, Keith Walker, Todd Berlinghof, Susie Hays, EPA Superfund Task Force Chair Albert "Kel" Kelly, Larry Falbe, Amy Edwards, Gerald Pouncey, Alton R. (Tony) Brown, III,  Abby Jagoda, and EPA Special Assistant Nicholas Falvo.