Everyones got pictures on their walls.  Getting someone a unique picture frame as a gift could very well be a good gift.  Some might have even stepped up their game to canvas art or a custom canvas print of a family photo or other photograph.

But for those that might want to switch it up even more? I present to you, HD Metal Prints:

Looks really cool right?

The video is from a company named Pictorem, and they are using what’s called HD Dye Sublimation from another company called Chromaluxe. (HINT: Chromaluxe doesn’t deal directly with customers, you have to go through Pictorem or another vendor).

Pictorem isn’t the only provider around, but they were voted to have the best metal prints by Triangulation, and they certainly do a great job of selling them in that video. They look wonderful!

If you’ve got a picture or image that could benefit from a nice metallic or sheen look, go for metal prints for your gift this year!