Blog Posts From August 2014

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Good Things Happening with Expanding Retailer Wafels & Dinges

Retailer of the Week

In 2007, the King of Belgium heard that the waffle situation in America was dire. Pancake batter was being used to make waffles, and they were being...

Learn More About Expanding Retailer Luke's Lobster

Retailer of the Week

Anyone who has experienced a fresh lobster meal understands how special it is, especially when you are on the island of Manhattan instead of an isla...

Expanding Retailer Blink Fitness Opens Bryant Park Location

Retailer of the Week

Price and location are two very important factors in choosing which gym to join, and for many people, the top two reasons not to join a gym. Blink F...

Q & A with Alexandra Dunk, Marketing Manager at Boloco

Retailer of the Week

What is the concept of Boloco? “We are a family of 22 restaurants serving globally inspired burritos, bowls, smoothies, and shakes. Our mission is to...

Q&A with MOCIAL Speaker Natanya Anderson


Tell us about yourself…. I am responsible for social media, email, and other digital communications for the Whole Foods Market brand. Outside of work...