Blog Posts From May 2014

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RECon Zero…. “RETurn of the RECap”


By Jesse Tron (@JesseTronPR) I hope you all had a restful and relaxing (and much deserved) long weekend filled with lazy days at the pool or the be...

Livin’ Large: Luxury Retail Market

Guest Blog, RECon

Designer goods have always held a prominent place on the richest streets in America. On the Las Vegas strip at the ICSC conference, thousands of hig...

What Lenders are Looking For

The retail industry has endured five hard years or recovery since the Financial Crisis, but a retail resurgence is well underway with consumer spend...

Oversized = Opportunity

The mantra “build it and they will come” was a familiar move in cities across the country before the recession. As a result, retail real estate...

A Customer Experience the Internet Can't Match

Guest Blog, RECon

Can your retail establishment stand the test of time? Find out how retailers and owners alike can create and experience for their spaces.

Outlet Shopping establishing greater U.S.

Guest Blog, RECon

There are more than 185 retail outlet centers in the United States today. Consumers are fueling a broadening demand for price-conscious options in m...

Don't Panic, It's Just a Store Closing

Guest Blog, RECon

Are store closings and retailers shrinking footprints leading to the downfall of the retail industry? Don’t bet on it. Office Depot and JLL Retail’s...

Clicks to Bricks: Traditional stores becoming pivotal for retailers

Guest Blog, RECon

A strategic alignment between technology and real estate is allowing retailers to close the gap between e-commerce and traditional distribution net...