A nice pair of thigh high socks is a holy grail for every woman with a great sense of fashion and is unafraid to go the unconventional way to pull those unique looks. If you miss a pair of these socks in a woman’s closet, then their sense of fashion is seriously wanting.

But that is not to say that this kind of socks is strictly designed to be worn by women alone. Far from it. Back in the day during the Roman empire, these socks were reserved for both males and females from the noble class. Thank God we have evolved past class hierarchies.

It is not a weird sight to see a man rocking this pair especially on cold seasons or when they are doing spotting activities. But as for women, this is a must-have socks design come rain come sunshine. This is because women always have this need to stay connected to the ever-changing trends.

1.     AM Landen Cotton Thigh High Socks

AM Laden Womens Thigh High Socks


These socks are the rage in the fashion industry at the moment. Its creative construction features 92% cotton and 8% spandex. These socks will give your wardrobe a sexy and stylish new touch. The designs are meant to keep you ahead of the fashion game and having several of these socks in a variety of colors is something to consider. The texture of the socks is soft, and the material is highly durable. You will definitely love the feel of cotton on your skin and you can keep that by getting them in their different delightful colors. They also come in a variety of sizes to mean that there is a perfect fit for everyone. This also dispels the idea that these socks are only best suited for the tall slim models. As long as you wear them right, you will look amazing in these socks even if you were the thickest of them all. These socks are best worn in sexy shorts and skirts. During chilly seasons, you can wear them underneath other wears to keep warm and give that impression of stockings. But I would rather if you are going to do that, you must wear them with something extremely long. These socks are extremely flexible, and they will not hinder your motions whatsoever. They also feature a thick band at its opening to hold the socks tight on your thighs and prevent them from slipping down.


2.     An-Vei-Nao Thigh High Socks


These 100% acrylic socks are best suited for plus sized girls. They are designed to hold firm against the skin so that they do not slide down your thighs as you go about your movements. Whether you are jumping or dancing, the socks will just stay snug on your legs unless you are voluntarily removing them. These socks are very warm and comfortable, and you can wear them with anything micro-short especially when you are stepping out at night and you intend to keep that sexy look. These socks come in an array of very attractive colors to choose from. They are extremely fashionable, and the only deal breaker is its size. These socks are exclusively designed for women with 5.08 to 5.74ft tall. This means that if you are shorter or taller in any way, you should strike yourself out of the equation. The socks will leave that soft feeling on your skin and give you that classic style. They are also extremely breathable, and they will wick the sweaty moisture away from your skin. On the other hand, when the night gets really chilly, the socks will act as leg warmers because of their thick materials. They also do not chunk on your thighs but fit seamlessly.


3.     Leg Avenue Women’s Opaque Thigh Highs

Leg Avenue Women's Satin Bow Accent Thigh Highs


This is a pair of socks that you do not have to miss having in your closet. To begin with, these opaque thigh highs come in a variety of really attractive colors to choose from. This means that if you are impressed enough, you can get as many pairs in an assortment of colors that appeals to you the most. They are 100spandex and they are imported. They feature a satin bow accent at the top to add just a little style and break the plain sight of the socks. They are very flexible and very easy to put them on. This means that you can move around easily in them without a feeling of a hindrance. They are best worn with shorts, small dresses, and those micro miniskirts you would love to wear on a girls’ night out. If you have those skater skirts, these sexy cute beautiful socks will just accentuate their sexiness. The socks will hold up well on your thighs because of the stitching on the top therefore they will not be rolling down your thighs when you move and causing your embarrassments. The socks are also very agreeable with any kind of shoes in your closet as long as they are classy and stylish. You can wear them with heeled shoes, doll shoes, boots and even daringly with sandals.


4.     American Apparel Women Cotton Solid Thigh High Socks

American Apparel Women Cotton Solid Thigh-High Socks


These thigh high socks come in a sexy comfortable soft cotton blend. The material alone will feel smooth and gentle on your skin. They are also designed for warmth and to cover the lower part of your legs when it is cold, but you still want to pull that sexy look anyway. You can pair these socks with anything short and come slightly to your thighs. They are so stylish, alluring, and clearly functional. Besides the clothing, you can also match these socks with most shoes in your closet. For as long as you make your picks well, you can’t possibly go wrong. You can go low or high heeled with these socks and you will simply pull the best look ever especially if you are mindful of the colors. The material is thick and flexible making it very easy to slip in and out of. They come in handy in all seasons. You can wear them alone when it is hot, and you can wear them as an inner layer when it gets really chilly.  The top is an elastic lace that holds tight and perfects on your thighs. They fit snug and don’t lose their shape. Despite the many washes they have to go through, these socks do not fade or degenerate in quality.


5.     AJs Retro Thigh High Tube Socks

AJs Classic Triple Stripes Retro Thigh High Tube Socks


You will simply fall in love with the classic stripes on these retro thigh high socks. They are both sexy and extremely attractive. It gets even better with the awesome assortment of colors they come in. The socks feature nylon, elastic, and acrylic. The foot is highly cushioned for the extra comfort and happiness of your feet. The socks are also stretchy, but they keep their shape once you have pulled them up to your thighs. These socks are both stylish and highly functional. You can wear them as casual and for functions and still not look out of place. You will stand out as the most stylish for as long as you play the socks well with the rest of your apparel.  The premium material used on these socks are not only comfortable, but they are most suitable for all skin types. They are soft and gentle, and they are moist absorbent to cool your feet and wick the moisture away when it gets sweaty. If you want to go sporty and do the sporty magics, this is definitely a pair to go for. But this is not to say that they are limited to sports activities. Wear them for team building, hiking, and even for the road drives and you will still look flashy.


6.     Zando Women Stripe Thigh High Stockings



Have you ever heard about the legendary love at first sight? That is exactly what will happen to you the moment you get a glimpse of these tube socks. Yes, they are extremely attractive and the design itself is simply irresistible. The socks are designed to fit nice and snug on the knee and the material used to construct them is super stretchy. These elastic socks feature an elastic band at the top of the socks to hold tight on your beautiful thighs. They are extremely comfortable and highly flexible to mean that your range of motion is not limited, and you do not have to keep pulling them up to place every few seconds. These socks are extremely durable, and you will simply love the quality of these socks. They feature three white stripes on top of the socks making them easy to blend them on your daily wears. The best part is that they come in beautiful assorted colors. They feature high-quality cotton and spandex which are extremely ideal for the skin. They are also extremely comfortable and flexible materials to move in. The material is so soft, gentle, and breathable and your skin will simply be happy in them. You can choose to rock them with anything short like skirts and jeans shorts and skaters. In case you are wondering what to give your girlfriends this coming festive season, these socks are a perfect choice.


7.     Leg’s Avenue Women’s Athlete Thigh High Stockings

Leg Avenue Athletic Thigh High Socks


Which woman doesn’t love thigh high socks with colorful stripes at the top? Show me one and I will show you a very uptight woman whose taste in fashion is desperately in want. These socks feature 92% nylon and 8% spandex. You know what that means. Extremely comfortable and highly flexible. The quality on these ones are extremely superior and they fit comfortable and nice on your legs thanks to the stretchy elastic material. They are thick and soft meaning that they are good to be worn during the cold season as legwarmers. The socks come in an array of delightful colors that will easily gel on your wardrobe. They are also extremely versatile, and you get to wear them with just about any shoe in your closet. You can choose boots, heeled strap shoes or even the easy doll shoes and match it with a nice pair of shorts or a jean skirt or better still, a small skater dress.  The upper part towards the opening of the socks comes with extra stitching for perfect fitting and to prevent them from slipping down your thighs especially when you move around.


8.     HDE Women’s Extra Long Striped Socks

HDE Women's Extra Long Striped Socks Over Knee High Opaque Stockings


These socks remind me a lot about Zebras but in a beautiful way. They are extremely colorful and perfect, and they come in an array of beautiful irresistible colors. The material on these ones are 65% polyester and 35% cotton. If you are looking to add that colorful touch to your wardrobe in an easy and comfortable way, perhaps these socks are a perfect idea for you. The poly-cotton material is breathable and extremely comfortable against the skin. The material is also very thick to keep you very warm all year round. You can wear these casual socks with anything short from skaters to jeans shorts. They are best worn for sports events but if you are feeling ambitious enough, you can wear them to other outdoor activities like hiking and picnics. You can be creative enough and use them as legwarmers and sleeping socks on one of those chilly nights. They are very breathable, and you can pair them with closed shoes like boots and high heeled shoes. On a crazy girl’s night out, perhaps this is what you might want to try out together and go paint the town Zebra. If you get to wear a blazer or anything else like a trench coat on top, believe me, you will not spoil anything but spice it up as long as you don’t mess up the colors. You definitely do not want to be a clone or a walking rainbow no matter what. But these socks at the end of the day is what we love to call them happy socks. So, stay happy with them.