This summer, rompers are holding their position as the best and coolest clothes for the season. They are so adorable and fun to wear, and the right one can make your body look much better. Also, rompers are so easy to put on, and they are girls best friends on summer vacations because they don’t take too much space in the suitcase. When you have a romper, you have the whole outfit. I just love them because of that!

Then again there are so many mistakes that you can make if you don’t know what fits you well. They can make you look like you are in your pyjamas, or like a child if the fit is wrong. But don’t worry, we are here to help you.

If you are curvy, and your hips are wider than your shoulders, you have a pear shaped body. When you know your body type, you can easily decide what fits you well, and what kinds of clothes are making a balanced look.

Roxy Juniors Spin Sail Sleeveless Romper

Roxy Junior Sleeveless Romper

The first rule about choosing the right romper for the pear shaped body is to try to find rompers that are darker at the bottom. So this one is a school example what to buy to make a perfect balance.

This design is very cool and versatile, so it can be worn on many occasions such as brunch, party or just for a walk by the seashore.

Black and white are not even colours, so you can match them with all of the colours of this world.

For a clean look, just forget accessories and combine this romper with a cute clutch.

The back of this romper is sexy, there is only one strap on the back, so you can put your hair up and be the main star of the street.

Angie Women’s Bell Sleeve Romper

Angie Womens Bell Sleeve Romper

Another good advice for women who have wide hips is to put attention on the upper part of the body. With this Angie bell sleeve romper, the attention will be on the sleeves and on the neck.

Interesting print of this romper will make you look youthful and free-spirited, so it is a great pick for the beach. I would wear it with leather ankle wrap sandals. They can be combined with mules if you want to follow trends.

This fabric is very light and there is a drawstring on the waist so it can be adjusted to fit you even after a big juicy meal.

Sanctuary Clothing Women’s Soft Surplus Tencel Romper

Jeans is a huge trend this season. Yes dear, I know, again!

Maybe we can thank Rihanna and her music video “4,5 seconds” for this. I am not bothered with that, I just love jeans, and if you are also a fan of this fabric you should definitely buy this romper!

Ok, actually this romper is not made of denim, it is 100% Lyocell, wich makes it much lighter, and suitable for spring and summer. You can unbutton the upper part when you are feeling hot, and twist your sleeves.

It has interesting upper part with pockets, just like jeans shirt. Excellent for girls with flat chests. This washed out jeans romper go well with sandals, but also with sneakers, and I love wearing sneakers in the summer because I think I have ugly toes. I hope that you don’t have the same problem.

NY Collection Women’s 3/4 Sleeve Printed Romper

NY Collection Romper

Again, our aim is to focus the attention of a viewer on your face and your upper body. This pink line on the fabric is very helpful.
The stripes on this fabric are making you look taller, but it might not suit well to bigger girls. Tie waist makes this romper adjustable, and 3/4 sleeve are so cool. You can add a nice watch on your wrist, or some interesting bracelets. The shorts is free flowing and roomy, so you don’t have to worry about that.

Combine it with pink shoes, if you are so lucky to have them, or use the safe ones – nude heels.

If you are not a party girl, this romper will be a good companion if you match it with flat sandals and hat.

BCBGeneration Women’s Long-Sleeve Romper with Lace Neck

BCBGeneration Women's Long-Sleeve Romper with Lace Neck

You will get pure elegance with this lace collar and perfect shape of this romper. Black covers everything perfectly, makes you look so sophisticated even tough you are wearing a romper. Large cutout at centre front will put attention on your chests and not on your wide hips, and that is how you will profit from this look.

You will save your money on jewellery because this one doesn’t need any. Ok, maybe small effective earrings. If your legs aren’t as long as this, you have to wear heals, and it should be fine ankle heels just like in the picture.

Match clutch and earrings, or lipstick and clutch and you are ready to enjoy in compliments at every party this spring!

Guess Women’s Short Sleeve Anja Belted Faux Suede Romper

GUESS Women's Short Sleeve Anja Belted Faux Suede Romper

On this romper secret agent vibes are strong! Navy blue colour, zipper closure and detachable belt reminded me of all those female secret agents. They are smart and they only wear clothes that fit perfectly! So should you.

Reviewers said that this faux suede material is great, and some of them have bought this romper in both colours. Belt will make you look thinner, and short sleeves will make you look ready for work.

Navy blue is great with red, white and black so you can add those colours to this style.

And don’t forget your confidence, and smile. Those are essential accessories to every outfit!