Most people buy leggings for workout purposes. Still, the same leggings could be worn as a casual outfit especially during summer when the weather becomes warm, and the sun is out all day. Wearing heavy leggings can be quite uncomfortable during the warm weather especially if it’s meant for working out. That said, it’s important that when choosing leggings for summer, you ensure that they are breathable and grants for the free flow of air.

Purchasing lightweight leggings can come in handy as they are able to endure everything from a sweaty boxing class to hot yoga to a scorching summer run while still giving you the support, coverage, and comfort that you need to move around comfortably. Choose a pair of legging whose material is not only breathable but soft and stretchy as well.

Also, considering its summer, you can opt for leggings that have a print to make you stand out and give you that summer vibe. That is why we have selected a couple of leggings that we consider our best leggings for summer that are breathable and will let air up your skin easily especially when working out.

1. The C9 Champion Mesh Pieced Leggings

C9 Champion Womens High Waist Capri Legging

Mesh leggings are usually a great idea especially when choosing a workout arsenal. This is because they are breathable and can allow air to flow through your body keeping you dry and moist. The C9 Champion mesh leggings has the brand’s stretch fabric that is designed to nicely hug your body while still wicking away moisture.

Besides, the mesh doesn’t just make the leggings breathable but gives them a stylish look. The fabric is also nicely thick which helps not to show areas of your body, especially when doing intense gym routines or yoga stretches.

2. Lululemon Fast and Free Tights

LULULEMON Fast and Free

These leggings are made using the company’s Naked Sensation Nulux fabric that dries quickly and lives up to the name. Made from a silky material that is moisture-wicking, these leggings feel so light, and they’ll be among your favorite summer leggings due to their ability to absorb sweat during summer. It also has a high-rise that is seamless making it quite flattering on the body.

It is available in different colors and different sizes making it suitable for people of all sizes. You can buy the leggings in a plain color or different prints. Besides, the height is also okay for most people as it fits nicely.

3. The Sweaty Betty Contour 7/8 Leggings

Sweaty Betty All Day

These full-length leggings are quite the butterfly that you won’t want to remove. They are designed to flawlessly conform to your body and wick away any sweat from your intense workouts. They are also very versatile for different types of exercises. These bum-sculpting leggings can make you go gaga considering that they have a high waist that has adjustable drawcords and besides being very stretchy also offers a supportive fit.

If you are in search of a legging that will create your perfect silhouette as you go about your exercise, consider buying the Sweaty Betty Contour 7/8 leggings.

4. Brooks Go-To Running Tights

Brooks Go to Tights

These pair of leggings have been designed to be your go-to pair. The lightweight fabric is meant to keep you cool and comfortable when you start heating up. The leggings also have a convenient pocket that is tucked into the seamless waistband that is perfect for putting your key or a light snack that you might want to carry when working out.

The leggings have been designed for unrestricted movement making them the go-to leggings for intense workouts such as running. The fabric also dries pretty quick keeping you comfortable, dry and light on your feet and doesn’t slip around.

5. The UA Favorite Printed Leggings

Under Armour Women's Favorite Print Legging

Available in different sizes, these UA favorite printed leggings come in available in grey and black. They are made from the cotton fabric that makes them stretchy and soft with a next-to-skin feel that doesn’t feel tight or constricting. The material does not just wick away sweat and dries really fast, but it’s known to boast of an anti-odor technology that prevents the growth of any odor-causing microbes.
It has a 4-way stretch build that allows you to move in any direction while delivering the much-needed comfort.

Final Thoughts

Leggings, are just like any other pair of clothing that we choose. For instance, when choosing coats for winter, there are certain of factors that we consider. The insulation capabilities, ability to keep you warm among others. The same isn’t different for leggings, especially when buying them for workouts during summer.

To begin with, it’s important to consider the fabric and design. A good pair of legging should be able to wick away sweat and dry fast leaving you feeling cool. The design should also be comfortable and not restrict your movement, especially when doing intense workouts. The fabric should also be thick enough to cover you properly and not show your innerwear.

The fit and size of your leggings also matter a lot. A well-fitting legging will give your body a flattering look. Choosing the right size simply means that your leggings won’t keep moving and will fit well allowing you peace of mind as you work out. The material quality should also be another factor you consider. A high-quality fabric used for your leggings simply means durability and comfort. Remember, comfort is everything when it comes to leggings.