In an era of bootilicious TV stars such as Jennifer Lopez or Kim Kardashian, many women dream of big thighs and small waist, but those who are blessed with that pear shape body are usually unhappy. They can’t seem to find the right pair of jeans and the process of finding the right fit is just daunting for them.

Every woman knows how much a good pair of jeans can do for her confidence and her style. Well-fitted jeans can make you look like million bucks wherever you go and it is the best garment for combining with other clothes. If a pair of jeans hugs your curves and emphasises your best assets there is no one who can stop you from buying them. However, it is extremely tough to find the right shape for different body shapes.

That is why I have made this list of jeans that are best for big thighs and a small waist for all lucky women out there who are born like goddesses.

Levi’s Women’s 512 Skinny Jean

Levi's Women's 512 Skinny JeanLet me begin with my favourite brand of jeans! Designers in Levis have my full respect and every time I am searching for the right pants I look up their collection. I know that they are using the latest technology and that they know their customers well. Reviewers of this pants are also as delighted with them as I am.

My favourite review is: “I’m a woman in my late 50s, who’s had three kids and these jeans gave me the shape of a woman in her 20s. I’d call that a miracle, wouldn’t you?”

The good news is that this butt benefitting jeans have some more tricks up their sleeves besides good reviews and famous brand. These days you can find this pair at a discount!


Vibrant Women’s Juniors Bell Bottom High Waist Fitted Denim Jeans

Vibrant Women's Juniors Bell Bottom High Waist Fitted Denim JeansDark washed jeans color is sometimes even better solution than black jeans for women who are trying to hide that extra pound. It helps that your legs look skinnier because of shades on the material.

The high waist is here to help your legs to look longer, and it will give enough confidence to wear a crop top! If you love the retro look, this is just perfect shape for you since it can give balance to your shape of the body.

It is important to say that pockets are faux, but the zipper is not. Although it is not regular denim, this material is much more comfortable and it can stretch, so it is a bit easier to put these flattering jeans on.



7 For All Mankind Women’s High-Waist Skinny Jean

7 For All Mankind Women's High-Waist Skinny JeanThese pants are something that I call love on first sight clothes. They just look so good that I am going to buy them as soon as I finish this article. Maybe they would go better with spring and summer clothes such as crop tops and sheer t-shirts, but I need them now.

The Mediterranean shade of blue is easily combined with the dusty shades of clothes (as in this picture) and shoes. If you like pastels you can buy them now without hesitation because it is also a great match.

After all, we need long legs and waistband that prevents gaping throughout the whole year and no matter what color palette we love.


NYDJ Women’s Petite Barbara Bootcut Jean In Stretch Indigo Denim


NYDJ Women's Petite Barbara Bootcut Jean In Stretch Indigo DenimWide legged denim is very comfortable for active women, who are running all around and taking care of everybody they love. But sometimes you need to stop that, and take a secund for you, and take a candy, or eye candy. These pair of high waisted jeans are just the eye candy that you need because you will look great to yourself.

The perfect wideness of this pants will make a balance to your waist and washed out parts will make you look fitter. This pair of jeans is a perfect match with nude heels because both heels and high waisted jeans can make you million times taller than you are. Ok, not million, but you know what I mean.

You can also carefully cuff these jeans to achieve a more artistic look and elongate your legs even more.

Vibrant Women’s Juniors Faded Ripped Knee High Waist Skinny Jeans


Vibrant Women's Juniors Faded Ripped Knee High Waist Skinny JeansThese pants wouldn’t normally be on my list, but I went trough the reviews, and it changed my mind. Everybody is just praising the way that these ripped jeans are showing the hourglass shape of the body.

During the winter it is totally okay to wear leggings underneath, and if you are creative, you can wear some crazy colors, or play it safe and choose black. These ripped parts on the knees are giving the dose of edge to your personal style. Also, when you emphasise your knees, your wide hips won’t be the first thing that somebody will notice you.

You just have to decide, where do you want the focus of your followers, now that you are looking like a diva. If you decide that you want to focus on the knees, choose the bright color of the tights.