There is a clear love-hate relationship between humans and the rain. Sometimes, we all want to rain so much but when it does rain, we shield ourselves from it. This is because it gets us drenched to our skin in a split second regardless of where you are and where we are headed to.

Now, we all do not want to reach our destinations looking like something a cat just dragged in. We want to stay dry and nice all day. What do we do then during those incessant rainy days? We try as much as possible to shield ourselves and umbrellas were invented just specifically for this purpose.

There are several designs of umbrellas available in the market and today we are going to take a comprehensive look at inverted umbrellas. These are upside-down umbrellas designed to keep the wet surface inside the fold to prevent the water from falling on you or the ground.  They come in very beautiful colors and different sizes.

Here is a list of some of the best you can look up if you are shopping for an umbrella in preparation for the rainy season.

1.     HOSA Auto Open Reverse Inverted Umbrella

HOSA Auto Open Reverse Inverted Umbrella

This solid umbrella with a fiberglass frame is definitely what you would love to have in preparation for the incessantly weeping seasons. This umbrella is very innovative, and it uses auto-open technology. This makes it super easy to click them open especially when you are to cover yourself and make a run for it.

The colorful designs and patterns on the umbrella are not only meant to make it beautiful and attractive to the eyes. They are meant to give you visibility especially at night and in dark alleys. The High-Tech Reflective stripes will get you noticed while crossing the road at the dead of the night to prevent any accidents.

The creative craftsmanship on this umbrella features a double-layer canopy construction with reinforced Fiberglass ribs. This windproof design will prevent the umbrella from overturning and breaking when a strong wind blows, and we all know that there is nothing as bad and annoying as when the wind blows, and it is raining at the same time.


  •         They feature the free handle design for hand free and multitasking solution.
  •         It can stand on by itself through the 8 supporters.
  •         The high-quality fabric is water and UV protected.
  •         It is versatile and can be used both for sunny and rainy weather.
  •         It is windproof with a double layer canopy construction.
  •         Reflective strip design for night mode visibility.
  •         Uses auto-open technology.
  •         It is innovative and protective.


  •         The packaging is not good. They will arrive broken and useless.
  •         It is not durable because of the materials used.

2.     MRTLLOA Double Layer Inverted Umbrella

MRTLLOA Double Layer Inverted Umbrella with C-Shaped Handle

This interesting umbrella has a comfortable frosted C-shaped hand gripped design. The C-shaped handle is meant to cross over your hands so that you can be free to operate other things. You might want to tend to your baby or make a quick call to someone or even hold something with both your hands. This awesome design should come in handy.

The umbrella also has a unique double layer and reverse-opening and folding design. This should enable you to fold the dry layer over the wet part to pe inverted umbrellas prevent the rainwater on the water layer from creating a drippy mess on the floors or even in your car. It has a simple embedded button that only requires you to click to get the umbrella operational.

Despite the 8 steel ribs of frames, the top is as smooth as nothing. These steel ribs will transform into 8 legs upon contracting the umbrella. This also gives the umbrella the ability to stand up on its own. Therefore, you won’t be needing a place to hook or lean your umbrella because you can let it stand beside you.


  •         The umbrella can stand up on its own when closed.
  •         The top is seamlessly smooth.
  •         It can be operated with a simple click of the embedded button.
  •         It’s layered to expose dry parts to prevent dripping on the floors.
  •         The C-shaped handle is meant to free your arms.


  •         They are a bit expensive (but you get what you pay for).

3.     Owen Kyne Windproof Double Layer Folding Inverted Umbrella


This umbrella is all about durability. Its construction includes waterproof and lightweight pongee fabric that can withstand the beatings of the hard raindrops for a long, long period of time. The umbrella’s body is anchored with a decent stainless-steel frame with a double canopy. When open, the top of the umbrella is smooth and very firm.

The umbrella itself is very attractive and fancy in that it comes in a variety of delightful colors complete with flowers. The reverse folding on this umbrella will enable you to open as you step out. It also turns the wet side inside and the dry part up when you close to avoid the messy drippings on the floors.

The free grip frosted handles will leave your hands free to tend to other things and still remain shielded from the rain at the same time. The umbrella’s design also enables it to stand on its own and this feature comes in handy in places where you can’t hook your umbrella or have them leaning on a wall.


  •         They are fancy and they can make great gift packages.
  •         They can stand on their own with propping.
  •         They come with free-grip frosted handles.
  •         It has an inside out layered design for the wet and dry side.
  •         They are made from durable materials.
  •         The body has a strong build.


  •         Customers complain about faulty deliveries.
  •         They are heavy and bulky.

4.     Spar. Saa Double Layer Inverted Umbrella with C shaped Handle

Spar. Saa Double Layer Inverted Umbrella

The double-layer structure of this umbrella is super impressive and extremely attractive. This reverse opening and folding mechanism are unique to this design and it is intended to prevent the places from getting messily wet when you step away from the rain.

You will love the comfortable frosted C shaped handgrip design on this umbrella. All you need is to cross the C shaped design over your hand and voila, your hands are free, and you can get shielded from the unforgiving raindrops as you go about other things with your free hands. The handle is comfortable and very easy on the arm.

When open, the top of the umbrella is as smooth as nothing and extremely firm. The umbrella can stand on its own when closed. Upon contracting the eight stainless steel legs are revealed that build a small housing case to shield you from the rain. With its beauty and array of delightful colors, you can pick anything favorite and give them out as a gift package.


  •         Reverse opening and folding mechanism.
  •         It does not leave a dripping mess because of the double layer.
  •         It can stand on its own without propping.
  •         Comfortable frosted C shaped handle.
  •         Seamlessly smooth top.
  •         Has eight stainless steel ribs.
  •         A simple click with the embedded button to open.
  •         It has a quality guarantee.


  •         Ideal for short-armed people.
  •         It is poor in quality according to customer reviews.

5.     Z ZAMEKA Double Layer Inverted Umbrellas

Z ZAMEKA Double Layer Inverted Umbrellas

The construction and the color appearance of this umbrella are very eye-catching and impressive. But it is not just about the looks. This umbrella has a lot to offer and you just have to love every bit of it. This versatile umbrella is designed to shield you from both the harmful UV and the rain itself. The double-layer fabric is also designed to protect against the wind.

The beautiful and eye-catching design of this umbrella makes them perfect for a package gift. It could pass for any occasion as a simple yet very beautiful gift. The double-layer fabric will also prevent water from permeating through and reaching you. As also mentioned earlier, it is anti-ultraviolet with an SPF of 50+ sunscreen protection.

The handle of this one is no different from any other inverted umbrella. The C-shaped hand grip allows you to tend to other things like using your mobile or carrying stuff with both your hands. This design is very convenient for mothers with babies as you can tend to your small one as you both remain shielded with the umbrella.


  •         Anti-ultraviolet sunscreen fabric production.
  •         Unique double layer with reverse-opening and folding design.
  •         The C-shaped handgrip handle.
  •         Double layer handles to prevent drip permeation.
  •         Enhanced windproof effect.
  •         Creative gift packages.


  •         It is too heavy.
  •         It is poor in quality according to some customers’ reviews.

6.     Sharply Inverted Umbrella with UV protection

This umbrella is designed to make you look impeccably dry even after walking a long distance in rain. Perhaps you are on your way to a serious presentation meeting and boom, the rain starts falling out of nowhere amidst your tracks. This umbrella will guard you jealously and keep you as dry as the sun itself until you reach that boardroom.

Besides that, when you step into that office and close the umbrella, you will not leave an embarrassing mess. The water will collect inside its double design. This beautiful mechanism will also act as windproof and it can withstand a strong wind speed. This is all thanks to the sturdy materials used for construction.

This umbrella is also highly versatile and extremely comfortable. It is also corrosion-resistant and it features a double-layer canopy design to protect against the rain and wind and the sun. The ergonomic C shaped handle is something to also write home about. You can balance it on your arms and go about your other chores without any worry in the world.


  •         It has high performance in keeping you dry.
  •         It is highly versatile, and it is designed with durability.
  •         It is constructed with sturdy, corrosion-resistant materials.
  •         It features a double layer canopy design.
  •         Has ergonomic C shaped handles.
  •         Has the newest inverted design.
  •         It is both windproof and weather resistant.
  •         It is lightweight, compact, and very portable.


  •         Customers’ reviews indicate that it does not hold up well for many uses.
  •         Customers’ reviews indicate that the packaging destroys the delivery.

7.     Umbrella Windproof Travel Umbrella

Umbrella Windproof Travel Umbrella Compact Folding Reverse Umbrella

These distinctively colored umbrellas come in either plain or beautifully patterned designs. They feature the upgrade inverted folding design and they are shorter and very easy to carry around. This means that you can conveniently store them away either in your small handbag or on the chest in front of your car.

The upwards down design they adapt will prevent water from dripping and creating an unpleasant mess when you flip the umbrella close. When closed, the wet surface which was facing up will tuck inside and hold the water while the dry part will be exposed therefore you are free to store them away without the fear of messing up. This feature also makes them travel friendly.

The umbrella is both waterproof and windproof and it can withstand a heavy gush of wind without being turned upside down or getting dismantled like the regular umbrellas. They are compact, comfortable, and easy to carry.


  •         Uses the upgraded inverted folding design.
  •         They are shorter and convenient to carry.
  •         It is upside down and takes the inside out design.
  •         The construction is superior wind and waterproof.
  •         They are compact, portable, and very easy to carry around.
  •         Lightweight and easy to store.
  •         They are convenient and use the auto close/open system.
  •         Comes with a lifetime warranty and a 100-day riskless money-back guarantee.
  •         It is constructed with premium superior quality material.
  •         It is durable with attractive e craftsmanship.


  •         According to customer reviews, it is difficult to close.
  •         It is so small therefore hard to cover huge people.
  •         The Velcro used is cheap.

In Conclusion

There are a number of features to look out for when purchasing these umbrellas especially if you need something that will not frustrate you and you will not complain about. Look for the ones which are waterproof, windproof, and with UV protection.