I just love when a woman has curves, and I think man also love to see women with curves. Unfortunately media today doesn’t empower enough woman who has curves, and it is very common for girls and women to think that they have to hide them.

No, you don’t have to do that my dear. You have to embrace what you have got and to style it up.

With perfect style, and smile on your face, you will be the star of every event that you attend. People enjoys meeting women who look like a goddess. And by that, I mean women who know how to take care of her makeup, hair, and outfit. I am here to help you choose the right style for your curvy figure, and all of my suggestions of pants will be in black color because that is the best for every formal and informal occasion.

Ruby Rd. Women’s Petite Pull-On Solar Millennium Super Stretch Pant

Ruby Rd. Women's Petite Pull-On Solar Millennium Super Stretch Pant

Perfect pants for office are those that have classic shapes, and these pants do. They have a high waist and relaxed fit and that never goes out of style. And what is more important, these pants are so flattering to you body type.

Your legs will look longer because of the high waist and flat front, and the black color will make you look a bit thinner. Also, they are stretchy because they are made of nylon, rayon, and spandex. That means that you can wear them all day long, and don’t feel any discomfort.

So, if you are looking great everyday pants that are flattering to your curvy figure you are a click away from them.

Multiple colors.

2LUV Plus Women’s High-Waisted Plus Palazzo Pants

2LUV Plus Women's High-Waisted Plus Palazzo Pants

These days wide leg is a huge trend, and if you are women with curves you can freely follow this trend. Pants like this are called palazzo, and I think of them as a more stylish version than those pants with bell bottoms.

If you pair them with a glittery top, and comfortable high heels you can go downtown and dance whole night fiercely. It will also look amazing if you pair them up with two button jacket for an office look. You will have a lot of space around your legs, and around your waist.

If you are standing it will look like you are in a long skirt, but you shouldn’t just stand it these. You should take them for a walk around town, and become the next street style icon!

Multiple colors.

Lixmee Women’s High Waist Solid Color Loose Wide Leg Pants

Lixmee Women's High Waist Solid Color Loose Wide Leg Pants

Another pair of palazzo pants, but for those who like heavier materials. They are simple and they are giving you very sophisticated look. When I first saw them, I remembered my favorite English teacher who was so posh and intelligent.

Perfect for office work and strict dress codes because of their structure and material. They are also a good choice for winter days. Pair them up with shoes that have high heels, blouse and a version of Chanel jacket for a smart look.

You can also wear a thin belt with this pants, and try to match up your belt and shoes for more style points.

Multiple colors.

Sidecca Women’s Retro Rockabilly 6-Button High Waist Smock Pant

Sidecca Women's Retro Rockabilly 6-Button High Waist Smock Pant

Pants above were perfect for winter, and this pair of women’s retro pant is just made for summer nights at the peer. Famous high fashion brands like Tommy Hilfiger were inspired by this theme, and why wouldn’t you be inspired by sea and sailors as well?

High waisted pants with 6 buttons will make your waist look thinner, and add that 60ties favor to your outfit. Buttons are here just for decoration, and as you may see on the picture there is a zip closure. It is important to know that the fabric around the waist provides extra stretch and that is very light weighted wich makes it perfect for summer.

Match this pants with curly hair, red lipstick, big lashes, blush, and polka dots for a retro look. For nautical style match them with stripes, red details, and golden jewelry.

Rekucci Women’s Secret Figure Pull-On Knit Straight Pant w/ Tummy Control

Rekucci Women's Secret Figure Pull-On Knit Straight Pant w/ Tummy Control

It is said that you can’t judge a book by its covers, but can you choose a pair of pants because of the name? In this case, you can.

This fabric is made to hugs your legs perfectly, and hide imperfections with tummy control around the waist. These high waisted pants feel like wearing your yoga pants, so you can wear them wherever you go. For example, if you have a long distance plane to catch, they are the right choice. You can also wear them to any formal occasion that you have, such as ceremonies, public events, or for office work.

Reviewers agree that this brand is becoming their favorite brand for pants, just because of this model. That says a lot, don’t you think?

Multiple colors.

Briggs New York Women’s All Around Comfort Pant

Briggs New York Women's All Around Comfort Pant

Sometimes you just need some regular pants that won’t be in the center of the attention. You are just asking for the pants that are comfortable and versatile. Regular pants that don’t have any trick or buttons or zippers. Plain and clean. That doesn’t mean that your style will be plain with them. It means that you can match them up with all the moods women can have.

Straight leg is figure flattering for women with curves, and the pockets on the side are there to make your look much cooler. I just love when the pockets are made like that, so I can put my hands inside and look so cool and confident.

It is important to mention that these pants have an elastic waistband, but the front part is very flat, and that is the reason why so many women liked it so much.

Multiple colors.